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National Day of Prayer Task Force
It's never too soon to start planning for National Day of Prayer! Is your church or group hosting a prayer meeting for NDP on May 2? Let us know (praybagbr@yahoo.com) so we can help spread the word!

We need more prayer warriors!
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September 2012

September 11- Cry Out America

On September 11, 2001, America was shaken to its foundation by a series of surprise terrorist attacks. All of us were awakened to the new reality of global terrorism. 10 years later our nation needs to be awakened again, not just to the threats of terrorism, but to our critical spiritual condition...In response to our nation’s need and God’s Biblical and historical pattern for bringing awakening to America, we are calling for extraordinary, united prayer.

Meet at your parish courthouse with other Believers on September 11 to pray for our nation.

Cry Out America web site

September 16-23- Week of Prayer for State Missions (Georgia Barnette Offering)

Georgia Barnette Offering web site

September 26- See You at the Pole

"See You at the Pole™ is a student-initiated, student organized, and student-led event. That means this is all about students meeting at their school flagpole to pray—for their school, friends teachers, government, and their nation. See You at the Pole™ is not a demonstration, political rally, nor a stand for or against anything." (From the SYATP web site.)

Encourage your church's youth and youth pastor to participate! 

SYATP web site

September 26 - November 4- 40/40 Prayer Vigil
Sponsored by the ERLC of the Southern Baptist Convention, 40/40 is a 40 day period of prayer dedicated to crying out the the Lord for revival in our country.

40/40 web site

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