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National Day of Prayer Task Force
It's never too soon to start planning for National Day of Prayer! Is your church or group hosting a prayer meeting for NDP on May 2? Let us know (praybagbr@yahoo.com) so we can help spread the word!

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BAGBR Prayer Ministry '11-'12 Annual Report

BAGBR Prayer Ministry
2011-2012 Annual Report
Michelle Lesley – Associational Prayer Coordinator

In keeping with the BAGBR Prayer Ministry’s primary mission of praying for revival in our churches, and its secondary missions: prayer networking and special prayer events, the following were the Prayer Ministry’s areas of focus for 2010-2011:

BAGBR Prayer Coordinators:
It is the goal of the BAGBR Prayer Ministry to secure a representative from each of the 100+ churches in our association to serve with the Prayer Ministry as a BAGBR Prayer Coordinator.  At this time, ten of our churches are fielding BAGBR Prayer Coordinators.

Distance Prayer Coordinators
Due to the geographical size of the association, many churches which may wish to field BAGBR Prayer Coordinators are not within convenient driving distance of the Prayer Ministry’s mandatory monthly Prayer Coordinator meetings.  These churches may now field Distance Prayer Coordinators, who stay connected with the BAGBR Prayer Ministry electronically.  No churches are currently fielding Distance Prayer Coordinators.

Prayer Initiatives:

The “Pump up Your Pastor Prayer Program”
BAGBR Prayer Coordinators designate a special time of prayer for their pastors on Saturdays, then leave a voice mail or e-mail at the pastor’s office letting him know how he was prayed for.  They encourage their fellow church members to participate as well.

BAGBR Regional Prayer Coordinators and the Associational Prayer Coordinator pray for all pastors (and e-mail them if an e-mail address is available) in the association whose churches are not represented by a BAGBR Prayer Coordinator.  Every BAGBR pastor is prayed for at least weekly. 

Bride Awake Prayer Meetings
Bride Awake prayer meetings are a focused time of praying for our BAGBR pastors and for God to send revival to our association.  Currently held monthly (usually on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at a BAGBR area church), all BAGBR pastors, staff, and church members are urged to attend.

House of Prayer Conferences
The goal of the House of Prayer conference is to assist a church in returning to the Biblical mandate to be a house of prayer (Is. 56:7, Matt. 21:13) A 1-3 person team of BAGBR Prayer Coordinators will come in, at a church’s request, and conduct a prayer conference tailored to the church’s spiritual needs and time constraints.  This service is available to all BAGBR churches at no cost.

Pray as You Go
BAGBR Prayer Coordinators and their church members are encouraged to pray for BAGBR churches (as well as other churches) and pastors as they pass by these churches during their daily commute to work or errands around the association.

Special Prayer Events:
Over the past year, BAGBR Prayer Coordinators have promoted the following special prayer events to their churches and in their communities:

Cry Out America
Week of Prayer for State Missions (Georgia Barnette Offering)
See You at the Pole
10/40 Window Sunday
40/40 Prayer Vigil
Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Week of Prayer for International Missions (Lottie Moon Offering)
Awaken 2012
SBC Call to Prayer
Week of Prayer for North American Missions (Annie Armstrong Offering)
Awaken – Wave of Prayer
Seek God for the City
National Day of Prayer
Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelism
Intercession for the Southern Baptist Convention
Call 2 Fall

National Day of Prayer
On May 3, 2012, the BAGBR Prayer Ministry hosted a city-wide prayer meeting at Florida Blvd. Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, in celebration of the National Day of Prayer. BAGBR pastors led participants in prayer, focusing on the church, the family, social issues, and government/world events.

Prayer Networking:

Prayer Requests
The BAGBR Prayer Ministry maintains an e-mail database of BAGBR churches and disseminates prayer requests which are relevant to particular regions or to the association at large.

Publicity and Consulting Assistance
The BAGBR Prayer Ministry is available to advise churches conducting their own in-house prayer events, conferences, rallies, etc.  If the church would like to encourage others in the association to attend its event, the Prayer Ministry is available to help get the word out to churches across the region or association.

“Pray BAGBR” on Facebook
The “Pray BAGBR” Facebook page is open to all BAGBR pastors, staff, and church members.  The Pray BAGBR page informs members of upcoming prayer events, disseminates (anonymous) prayer requests relevant to the association at large as requested, encourages participation in the “Pump up Your Pastor Prayer Program”, and makes members aware of current prayer resources and materials.

For more information on any of the items mentioned above, please see our web site or contact Associational Prayer Coordinator, Michelle Lesley, via e-mail or the BAGBR office.

A Praying Life (Paul Miller)

A Praying Life
by Paul Miller

Click here for a great review of Paul Miller's A Praying Life by Lynn Blackburn of The Vessel Project.

A Praying Life is available at:

January 2012

Awaken 2012- Jan. 2-22

Two hundred years ago, Baptists heard the voice of God in a new and fresh way that called them to Louisiana...However, during this 200 years of ministry in Louisiana there has never been a spiritual awakening, a movement of God that sweeps across the state changing the lives of people, churches, and ultimately, the culture.

Imagine what could happen if more than a half-a-million people, young and old, men and women of all races in Louisiana humbled themselves before the face of Almighty God? ...It’s Time!

Click here for more information on how your church can participate.

SBC Call to Prayer-January 2012
In January 2012 Southern Baptists are once again being called to a time of prayer and spiritual awakening. The Southern Baptist Convention Call to Prayer is an opportunity to focus on praying missionally.

"I can't think of a better way for our churches to start the New Year than to be in prayer for our families, our churches, our new church plants, and our efforts to reach the un-reached people groups of the world," said NAMB president, Kevin Ezell.

Click here for resources and information on how your church can participate.

December 2011

Week of Prayer for International Missions (Lottie Moon Offering)- Dec. 4-11

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are part of the task to fulfill the Great Commission.
Paul says, "All of you together are Christ's body, and each of you is a part of it" (I Corinthians 12:27). Jesus has commissioned us to be His heart, His hands, His voice.  Through praying, giving, and going, Southern Baptists have fulfilled this legacy for more than 160 years.
What can you do, individually? Start by being "Southern Baptist missions" through your prayers to be an extension of His heart, ands and voice...

For resources and more information, click here.

February 2013

February 13 - March 24: Seek God for the City

As we come to Him–seeking His face, He comes to us–bringing His kingdom. Pray God's greatest hopes during the 40 days leading to Palm Sunday. It's an ideal time to pursue God's promises for your city, for the deepest needs of your community. Pray for urgent needs with long-range vision, with practical passion. Simple, powerful prayers open your heart to God’s purposes. Cultivate sincere desire to know Christ and see Him glorified in your world.

For more information or to order SGFTC prayer guides, visit the Waymakers web site.

Current Events and the National Day of Prayer 2010

Over the past week, there has been quite a lot of news, hype, and internet gossip about the recent turns of events surrounding the National Day of Prayer.

Here's what's going on:
  • Last week, President Obama announced that the White House will not be holding an official event recognizing the National Day of Prayer as past Presidents have sometimes (not always) done. He will instead issue a "paper proclamation" declaring Thursday, May 6, to be the National Day of Prayer. There will still be events held at other venues in Washington, D.C., which many legislators are planning to attend.

  • Also last week, "in Wisconsin, U.S. Federal Judge Barbara Crabb ruled in favor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which argued that the government setting aside a day of prayer violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, FFRF is challenging the constitutionality of a 1988 federal law giving the president of the United States the authority to designate the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer." (from the NDP web site) At the moment, this ruling is essentially moot with regard to this year's National Day of Prayer because the ruling is under appeal.

NDP was signed into law by Harry Truman in 1952. The law was amended by President Reagan in 1988 to state that NDP would be observed on the first Thursday in May. Currently, most large scale NDP events are publicized and coordinated by the National Day of Day of Prayer Task Force, chaired by Shirley Dobson. (This is a private organization, not a governmental office.) There are also state and local level NDP organizations which coordinate NDP events throughout the United States.

In practice, the law establishing the National Day of Prayer is similar to the law establishing Thanksgiving Day. It sets aside a certain day for a general purpose and is largely ceremonial. As with celebrating Thanksgiving, the government cannot, by virtue of this law, tell you:

  • that you MUST celebrate NDP,
  • that you must celebrate it on the first Thursday in May,
  • that you must celebrate it by praying,
  • that you must pray to the God of the Bible,
  • in what way, with what words, with whom, where, or how long to pray.

Likewise, even if the law establishing NDP is eventually declared unconstitutional (Judge Crabb's ruling is currently under appeal) and repealed, the government, at this point in time, cannot tell you that you CANNOT celebrate NDP. Right now, you are free to organize an NDP event at your home, church or Christian school, and, as long as you follow currently existing state and local laws, pretty much anywhere else that will agree to host you or in any public place where free assemblies of this nature are permitted.

In a way, these recent events have really been a blessing in disguise. They have generated an enormous amount of free and timely publicity for NDP, publicity that reaches far more people than the NDP Task Force's public relations department or churches could hope to reach. It has also renewed the resolve of many to consciously set aside May 6 as a day of prayer as a way of declaring their disagreement with these two governmental decisions and standing in favor of the freedom of religion.

The BAGBR prayer ministry urges pastors, staff, prayer coordinators, and church members to take advantage of the interest and awareness of NDP created by these recent decisions, by hosting your own National Day of Prayer event. If you're looking for some ideas or resources, check out the NDP web site, or contact Michelle Lesley at praybagbr@yahoo.com or through the BAGBR office.

Information for this article was taken from various sources including:

Fox News: The President's NDP declaration
AP: Judge Crabb's decision
NDPTF Web Site

April 2012

March - April: Awaken ~ Wave of Prayer (LBC)

A follow up to LBC's January prayer initiative, "Awaken 2012", and in celebration of the bicentennial of Baptist ministry in Louisiana, there will be public prayer gatherings on the steps of every parish court house in March and April.

Check the chart on the LBC web site for the time and place in your parish.

October 2012

October 7- 10/40 Window Sunday

"The 10/40 Window is the region between l0 degrees south and 40 degrees north latitude that encompasses North Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Southeast Asia. It has been called the “resistance belt” because of its stubborn resistance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayer can transform this region into the “righteousness belt.”

The 10/40 Window…

  • Contains 44 of the 50 world’s worst persecutors of Christians
  • The birthplace of the world’s major religions
  • Home to the majority of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists
  • Has a population of 4.5 billion
  • Mostly unevangelized
  • Where eight out of ten of the world’s poor live
  • Includes five of the six nations that actively sponsor terrorism
  • Diseases that have long had a cure, run rampant here

10/40 WINDOW SUNDAY is both a starting place for a fresh wave of prayer and a mile marker in an ongoing movement of intercession for the people of this region."

More about the 10/40 window.
How to get involved.

Meeting Schedule- Fall 2010

Prayer Coordinators will continue to meet on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Fall 2010 Meeting Dates:

September 13
October 4
November 1
December 6

Prayer ROCKS! (A craft)

I recently saw something I thought would make a cute craft for a give away at prayer meetings, to leave in your church's prayer room, etc. It was called a prayer rock.

Take a small, clean rock, around the size of a ping pong ball. Cut a square of fabric large enough to wrap the rock up like a sachet. Tie the fabric with a colorful ribbon, with this poem attached:

I'm your little prayer rock, and this is what I'll do,
Just put me on your pillow until the day is through.
Then, turn back your covers, and climb into your bed,
And WHACK! Your little prayer rock will hit you on the head.
Then you will remember as the day is through,
To kneel and say your prayers as you always wanted to.
Then, when you are finished, just dump me on the floor.
I'll stay there through the night time to help you out once more.
When you rise next morning -CLUNK!- I'll stub your toe,
So you will remember morning prayers before you go.
Put me back upon your pillow when your bed is made,
And your clever little prayer rock will continue in your aid.
Because your Heavenly Father cares and loves you so,
He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know!

Pray for BAGBR Churches and Pastors

Please keep all of our BAGBR churches and pastors in prayer. Churches currently without a pastor are indicated with an asterisk. (Some of these churches have been without a pastor for quite a long time. Please pray that God will raise up Godly men of prayer and strong doctrine for these churches.)

Addis, First Baptist Church
Ascension Baptist Church
Baker First Baptist Church
Baton Rouge First Baptist Church
Bayou Plaquemine Baptist Church
Bayou Sorrel Baptist Church
Bethel Baptist Worship, Morganza
Broadmoor Baptist Church 
Broussard Grove Baptist Church
Brownfields Baptist Church
Brownfields Baptist Church - Hispanic
Cane Brake Baptist Church
Cedarcrest Baptist Church
Central First Baptist Church
Christ Covenant Church
Christian Fellowship International 
Church of Life Fellowship 
Church of the Nations 
Circle Baptist Church 
Comite Baptist Church
Community Baptist Mission 
Community Bible Baptist Church
Courtableau Baptist Church
CrossPoint Baptist Church
Day Spring 
Douglas Avenue Baptist Church*
Dutchtown Baptist Church
Erwinville Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church, Baton Rouge*
Faith Baptist Church, Livonia
False River Baptist Church*
Family of Faith 
Fellowship Church-Prairieville
Fellowship Church-Central
First Baptist Deaf  Church 
First Hispanic Mission Baton Rouge 
Florida Boulevard Baptist Church
Fordoche Baptist Church
Foster Road Baptist Church
Friendship Baptist Church
Glen Oaks Baptist Church
God's Vineyard Baptist Church
Gonzales First Baptist Church
Goodwood Baptist Church
Grace Baptist Church
Gramercy First Baptist Church
Greenwell Springs Baptist Church
Grosse Tete Baptist Church
Immanuel Baptist Church, Baton Rouge
Immanuel Baptist Church, Gonzales
Indian Mound Baptist Church
Istrouma Baptist Church
Jefferson Baptist Church
Korean Baptist Church 
Krotz Springs, FBC
La Croix  Church 
Lake Martin Baptist Church
Lanier Baptist Church
Latanache Baptist Church
Little Prairie Baptist Church
New Covenant Christian Center 
New Life Church of Baton Rouge
New River Baptist Church
New Roads First Baptist Church
North Highlands Community 
Northside Baptist Church*
Oak Grove Baptist Church
Oakcrest Baptist Church
Of the Way 
Park Forest Baptist Church
Parkview Baptist Church
Plaquemine First Baptist Church
Port Allen First Baptist Church
Redeemer Baptist Church
Reserve, First Baptist Church
Restoration Church Donaldsonville 
Salvation Ministry of Jesus Christ 
Sharon Baptist Church
Sherwood Baptist Church
Sorrento Baptist Church
Starlight Baptist Church
Stevendale Baptist Church*
The Church at Riverbend
The House of Repentance 
The Ring Community Church
Trinity Baptist Church
Unity Baptist Church 
University Baptist Church
University Baptist Church
Victory Baptist Church
Vietnamese Hope Baptist Church
Walker Community Ministries 
Westside Community Church 
White Castle, FBC
Woodlawn Baptist Church
Zoar Baptist Church

Praying Backwards (Bryan Chapell)

"Christians often say "In Jesus' name" to close their prayers. But is this truly a desire of the heart or a perfunctory "Yours Truly" to God? Bryan Chapell says we should begin our prayers in Jesus' name--we should be Praying Backwards. In this practical and inspiring book, he shows readers that to truly pray in Jesus' name is to reorder one's priorities in prayer--and in life--away from oneself and toward Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray believing in the power and the goodness of the One who hears, and thus to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently. Readers seeking to transform their prayer lives will find wonderful direction in this book."

"Praying Backwards" is available at:

The EBR Parish Library


January 2013

January-  SBC Call to Prayer

Southern Baptist leaders are hoping churches will start 2013 with an emphasis on prayer and the lost during the month-long SBC Call to Prayer beginning January 1.

Through online resources and partnership with state Baptist conventions and local Baptist associations churches can design events and prayer opportunities that fit specific needs.

For more information, visit SBC Call to Prayer