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What is Revival?

In their book, "Fresh Encounter: God's Pattern for Spiritual Awakening," Henry and Richard Blackaby define revival this way:

"Revival is a divinely initiated work in which God's people pray, repent of their sin, and return to a holy, Spirit-filled, obedient, love relationship with God."

Revival is initiated by God, not man. Though we periodically schedule day or week-long worship meetings we call revivals, true revival cannot be penciled in on a calendar. True revival is a marked renewal of the church body. The Holy Spirit sweeps across the congregation, bringing with him conviction, deep contrition, and repentance for sin. Church members not only forsake their sin, but are radically impassioned anew to love, serve, and obey the Savior in their daily lives.

While evangelism of the lost may be a wonderful side effect, it is not the central focus of revival itself. Revival is not for the lost, it is for the saved whose love and obedience to Jesus have waxed cold. When the saved are revived, they will not be able to avoid sharing the Gospel with the lost. Their newly envigorated love for the Lord will have far reaching effects into their communities.

What does revival look like?

A revived church will be a church that deals with sin in its midst swiftly and certainly, and without fear of the consequences of man.

Worship is a passionate and heartfelt declaration of deep need for the Savior, not a dry ritual.

Church members work together in humility, not seeking power or recognition.

Prayer meetings are heartily attended and prayers of faith are answered.

The pastor is overwhelmed by volunteers for positions of service.
Church members boldly share their faith with the lost.

The unsaved come in off the street to see for themselves what God is doing in the church.

Seating for worship services is limited or non-existent, and some churches must move to two or more worship services on Sundays.

No one looks at his watch during the worship service or complains that the sermon was too long.

Church members flock to the altar to confess and weep over their sins, sometimes staying there for hours or even all night.

Silliness during the worship service and the watering down of the Gospel in order to attract the lost is replaced by a church body which cries out to God in deep, heart-piercing reverence and awe.

Backbiting, quarreling, and division are replaced by unity and love for the bretheren.

Bars, sex shops, casinos, abortion clinics, and other businesses close for lack of patrons as swelling numbers of souls are saved.

At the BAGBR Prayer Ministry, it is our goal to see every church in our association revived and fitting the above description. And to this end, we pray.

Won't you join us as we pray for revival to come to your church?

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