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National Day of Prayer Task Force
It's never too soon to start planning for National Day of Prayer! Is your church or group hosting a prayer meeting for NDP on May 2? Let us know (praybagbr@yahoo.com) so we can help spread the word!

We need more prayer warriors!
Would you like to represent your church as a BAGBR Prayer Coordinator?
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Welcome to the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge (BAGBR) Prayer Coordinator Information Hub.

If you are a new or prospective prayer coordinator, please check out the links on the right under "Information for New and Prospective Prayer Coordinators" to get started.

If you are already a BAGBR Prayer Coordinator, this site is designed to serve you in the following ways:

  • File Cabinet- Can't put your hands on that form or piece of information you received at the last meeting but has since disappeared? You'll find it here. Just copy and paste it into your word processing program and save it or print it out.

  • Meeting Updates- It's best if you make every effort to attend meetings, but if an absence can't be helped, I'll be updating the web site after every meeting to reflect any new information you may have missed.

  • Idea Exchange- If you have a suggestion or idea related to a certain post, maybe something that has worked well at your church, please take full advantage of the "comments" button and share your thoughts. If you've got a totally unique idea, e-mail it to me and I'll review it and put it in its own post if appropriate.

Thanks again for your tireless service to praying for revival in our churches and association. If there is any way I can make this site more user friendly, please let me know.

In Jesus Name,

Michelle Lesley
BAGBR Associational Prayer Coordinator

Our Mission

Think you might be interested in serving as a prayer coordinator for your church or BAGBR region? Here is some information to prayerfully consider:

~The BAGBR Prayer Ministry~
Main Focus:

The central focus of the BAGBR Prayer Ministry is to encourage each pastor and church in BAGBR to begin praying for revival in our churches, association, state, and nation. Prayer coordinators work mainly in their own churches, praying, and seeking ways to promote corporate prayer for revival.

A prayer coordinator's most important job is to pray for his pastor daily.

Secondary Foci:
There are two secondary areas of focus to the BAGBR Prayer Ministry:

Prayer Networking:

When there is a major prayer need within a church, the church prayer coordinator alerts his regional coordinator, who, in turn, alerts the associational prayer coordinator. The associational prayer coordinator alerts all regional coordinators, who then alert all the church coordinators in their regions to pray and make their church members aware of the prayer need. This is mainly accomplished via e-mail.

Special Prayer Events:

National Day of Prayer, See You at the Pole, Week of Prayer for International Missions, International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. These are just a few of the local, national and international special prayer events that are calendared throughout the year. Prayer coordinators receive information about these upcoming events and prayerfully consider the ways God might have them encourage their church members to participate in prayer.

We need YOU to come be a part of the team.
There are over 100 churches in BAGBR's four geographical regions. It is our goal to have at least one prayer coordinator from every church in the association serve with the BAGBR Prayer Ministry. Currently, only the following churches are fielding BAGBR prayer coordinators:

First Baptist-Baton Rouge

New Life

First Baptist-Baker

First Baptist- Plaquemine
Bayou Plaquemine

We are in need of regional coordinators for the North, South and West regions. Could God have a place of service for you as a prayer coordinator for your church and/or region?

If so, please read the posts under "information for new and prospective prayer coordinators" (upper right sidebar) entitled:

Prayer Coordinators- Qualifications
Church Prayer Coordinators- Duties
Regional Prayer Coordinators- Duties

Then contact BAGBR Associational Prayer Coordinator, Michelle Lesley at:
or through the BAGBR office at: